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Deadlines: September 24


Honors & Portfolio

Community Connection #1 –  Click link to review the requirments for your first Community Connection DUE WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 24. These directions can also be found in the “Assignments” drop down menu on our class website.

IMPORTRANT Community Connections count for 20% of your grade. You must follow the FORMAT given on the Community Connection page. Remember Community Connections will be written on YOUR website Community Connection Page.

Directions on how to submit your Community Connections:

  1. Follow the Community Connection Format from the our class website
  2. Go to your student website dashboard
  3. Locate “Pages” on the left-hand side (gray area)
  4. Hover over “Pages” and click “All pages”
  5. Click edit under “Community Connections”
  6. Follow the Community Connection Format typing directly into the text box of the page. Answer ALL the prompts provided.
  7. IMPORTANT: do not forget to include the DUE DATE  and each Community Connection’s NUMBER (Most recent submission goes on top like in a Facebook feed).
  8. Save changes

Portfolio ONLY

Progress Report #1 - Click link to review the requirments for your first Progress Report DUE WEDNESDAY SEPTEMBER 24. These directions can also be found under the “Courses” drop down of our class website. Click on “Portfolio” and scroll down to the “Progress Report” section of the page to copy the format required.

IMPORTRANT:  You must copy and paste the FORMAT given on the Portfolio page for Progress Reports. Remember Progress Reports will be written on YOUR website Progress Report Page.

Directions on how to submit your Progress Reports:

  1. Copy the Progress Report Format from the our class website
  2. Go to your student website dashboard
  3. Locate “Pages” on the left-hand side (gray area)
  4. Hover over “Pages” and click “All pages”
  5. Click edit under “Progress Reports”
  6. Paste the Progress Report Format directly into the text box of the page. Answer ALL the prompts provided.
  7. IMPORTANT: do not forget to include the DUE DATE and each Progress Report NUMBER (Most recent submission goes on top like in a Facebook feed).
  8. Save changes

Information Distribution Systems

Now that we have completed our Pecha Kucha presentations and reflected on how the current events from summer may influence our school year, we will begin our Information Distribution System investigation. Our goal is to develop a sensitivity to the many ways information is distributed to us as we grow and learn. A sophisticated literacy is required to read, filter and process the information we are inundated with on a daily basis.

You will respond to 3 of 4 types of information distribution systems. Each choice will include a written response to the prompt question, an artifact and a written reflection.

  • Prompt questions will be answered on your Writing Page BEFORE you begin each artifact.
  • Artifacts can take any form you choose. You will complete 3 artifacts total.
  • Written Reflections will be answered on your Writing Page AFTER you complete each artifact.

Pick 3 of the 4

  • Information Distribution Systems: Education
  • Prompt: How have information distribution systems varied from class to class and from teacher to teacher in your school experience? From which have you benefited most and least?
  • Information Distribution Systems: Political Ideology
  • Prompt: How can inanimate objects such as those observed in our still life be used to promote political ideology? Describe at least two historical antecedents.
  • Information Distribution Systems: Family Values
  • Prompt: What kind of information is valued within your family structure and how is it distributed?
  • Information Distribution Systems: Religion
  • Prompt: What role do relics, shrines and ceremonies play in religious information distribution systems?

To begin we will investigate Information Distribution Systems of mark making. We will discuss haptic, palimpsestic & sous rature strategies of mark making while creating a series of “full-contact drawings”.

Pecha Kucha Presentations

Your “Summer News Feed 2014″ Pecha Kucha’s are due 9/11/14.

Do not forget to set the timer to 20 seconds per slide.

Remember to bring your school Dell laptop with you to class or email me your completed Pecha Kucha BEFORE class 9/11/14.

Sketchbook word: pentimento

The word for the art portion of your sketchbook this marking period is Pentimento. Look it up…

Summer News Feed, 2014

Even though our summer felt very short in terms of time it felt as if world events were in overdrive. Events were happening so rapidly it was hard to keep up and many events were so catastrophic one might wonder if the world was spinning out of control. In class we brainstormed and created a quick list. We discovered that some topics were consistently at the top of the list and some topics generated sub sets. We discovered we could create categories beyond global, national, local, personal, etc. We also wondered what to believe and how to determine fact.

Our lists included:

  • Isis
  • Ebola
  • 9 year old at shooting range with Uzi
  • Hamas vs. Israel
  • Ukraine vs. Russia
  • Ferguson, MO, Michael Brown
  • NYC choking death, Eric Garner
  • Arming police with military weapons
  • Obama’s khaki suit
  • Teenage car crash deaths at local high school on day before school with car driven by 15 year old
  • Robin Willams’ death
  • LeBron James goes to Cleveland
  • VA Hospital scandal
  • Immigration
  • Joan Rivers’ death
  • Miley Cyrus’ date at MTV Video Music Awards wanted by police
  • ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I also introduced you to a presentation format called Pecha Kucha (a presentation of 20 slides timed at 20 seconds each) and explained your assignment.

Your Assignment

Use the Pecha Kucha format to create a 12 slide presentation about the “summer news feed” of 2014. Your first and last slide should introduce and close your presentation. I do not want you to read anything so be familiar with your content. Don’t look at this as a formal presentation like you might have in another class, but as a work of art with content. Rather than working on a piece of paper or canvas you are working with a presentation format.