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Information Distribution Systems: Full Contact Drawing

Here are some stills from our investigation of drawing & mark making as an information distribution system. Thanks to Ms. Rachael Brown, our super student teacher, for putting this together.

Information Distribution Systems: Full Contact Drawing from David T Miller on Vimeo.

Pecha Kucha: My Summer 2014 News Feed

Here’s a compilation of images from our first investigation of the year. These are from our Pecha Kucha presentations titled, My Summer 2014 News Feed. Thank you to our student teacher, Ms. Rachael Brown, for putting this together!

Pecha Kucha Presentations from David T Miller on Vimeo.


Here is the slide presentation Ms. Brown shared with you today in class.


Technique Presentation from David T Miller on Vimeo.

Information Distribution System: Independent Investigations

We have completed our Information Distribution System: Mark Making portfolios, responded to each other’s work using Contextual, Formal, and Intuitive Responses, and reflected on our Mark Making experiences on our Writing pages.

The next part of our Information Distribution System Unit will be your independent investigations.

You are responsible for choosing TWO types of Information Distribution Systems from the following four:

  1. Education
  2. Political/Social Ideology
  3. Family Values
  4. Religion

BEFORE  you begin your visual response you will respond to the prompt question that corresponds to your selection. Your response must be uploaded onto the Writing Page on your WordPress site and be approximately 150 (or more)  words.

Pick TWO Information Distribution Systems:

  1. Education
    Prompt: How have information distribution systems varied from class to class and from teacher to teacher in your school experience? From which have you benefited most and least?
  2. Political/Social Ideology
    Prompt: How can inanimate objects be used to promote political ideology? Describe at least two historical antecedents.
  3. Family Values
    Prompt: What kind of information is valued within your family structure and how is it distributed?
  4. Religion
    Prompt: What role do relics, shrines and ceremonies play in religious information distribution systems?

AFTER you upload your response on to your Writing Page you will turn in a brief handwritten proposal that describes your idea and required materials. Before you begin your artifact you will meet with Ms. Brown and me to discuss your proposal.

DUE DATE  November 10, 2014. TWO responses uploaded onto your Writing Page and TWO artifacts (1 for each type of Information Distribution System you chose).

We will check for progress multiple times before the due date. It is your responsibility to manage your time to complete your two projects by the November 10th, 2014 deadline.

DOUBLE PERIOD HONORS STUDENTS: You are responsible for 3 Information Distribution System written responses and 3 artifacts.

Information Distribution System: Full Contact Drawings Reflection

Now that our Information Distribution System: Full Contact Drawing portfolios are complete you will reflect on the process and the works you created.

Your portfolio should include:

  1. 2 Abstract Charcoal Drawings (3 for double period)
  2. 2 periods of gesture drawings
  3. 2 Charcoal Drawings on Newspaper collages (3 for double period)

In 150 words or more…

Defend our recent drawing endeavor as an Information Distribution System.

In addition…

Create a bullet list of the systematic steps used to create our final artifacts.

REMEMBER: Your response will be uploaded onto your Writing Page. Your response is due no later than Friday October 3rd.