Posting work to WordPress

Preparing your Photographs

Place your camera on a tripod if at all possible to insure that it doesn’t move when you photograph your work. Turn the camera’s flash off. Frame the image so that the edges are parallel to the edges of the camera’s viewfinder. Have your image fill the frame of the viewfinder as much as possible. Take your photo.

Open your image file in an editing program like Photoshop or iPhoto. Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard, but there are others that will work. You can usually correct your colors adequately enough by going to IMAGE, ADJUSTMENTS and any of the 3 Auto settings – AUTO LEVELS, AUTO CONTRAST, AUTO COLOR. Try each and see which looks the best. Be sure to go to EDIT, UNDO between each test.

You will also need to adjust the size of the image for your WordPress site. It is imperative that you follow this direction. You will do this under the IMAGE menu as well. Go to IMAGE SIZE and look at DOCUMENT SIZE. You will see Width, Height and Resolution. Change the longest dimension (Width or Height) to 6 Inches. Change the Resolution to 100 and save.

Tip: create two folders. Title one, Originals and the other Edits. This way you will have the originals for backup in case something goes awry.

Resizing in iPhoto


Posting to your WordPress site

Open the Page you intend to post to. Typically, for this class it will be the Sketchbook page or the Artwork page. Click the square icon to the right of Upload/Insert. If you hold the cursor over it you will see “Add an image”.

You will now select multiple files from your computer.

Your multiple images will show up under the tab titled GALLERY. You can drag and drop the images to get the desired order. Your oldest work is to be at the bottom and your most recent is to be at the top, just like a blog page. After you get the order you want click ASCENDING and you will see numbers appear in the column of boxes.


After SAVE ALL CHANGES be sure follow the circled instructions below. Link thumbnails to: IMAGE FILE, Order images by: MENU ORDER. Order: ASCENDING and Gallery columns: 3 (no more).

When you return to the Page you are adding images to you will see the box below with a camera icon. You can return to the Gallery by clicking in the upper left-hand corner of that box.

You will then click UPDATE to save everything to your page.

Now I’ll show you how to change the order and how to add captions to your images. When you open the gallery you will see the word SHOW to the right of your image thumbnails. Click it and you will discover some options. CAPTION should brief and relate to the assignment. ALIGNMENT will generally be NONE. SIZE should be FULL SIZE. Click SAVE ALL CHANGES.

After you have clicked SAVE ALL CHANGES you will double check your GALLERY SETTINGS to make sure they are set up like the example below.

Remember to save and update after everything you do. Also be sure to maintain the 2 folders I suggested: one for your original photos and one for your edited images. I assure you something will go wrong and you will wish you had backed things up if you don’t.