Furniture Re-story(ation): Honors Art

Furniture Re-story(ation)

We have been considering the idea of stories and how they are delivered, received, altered,  purposed and re-purposed (recontextualized). We have explored textual and graphic approaches to narratives related to art history, our personal history, and inanimate objects. We now turn our mind’s eye to furniture. You’ve heard of furniture restoration, but we will engage in furniture re-story(ation).


  • What is the relationship between furniture as object and furniture as concept?
  • How might the notion of function relate to furniture as object and furniture as concept?
  • How might objects formerly know as furniture become re-storied?

Goals & Objectives: Explore the constructs of furniture and function and their relationships to our material and social culture.

Activity 1: Reconceptualize a piece of furniture through a process of deconstruction, reconstruction, addition and embellishment.

Activity 2: Write a fictional narrative involving your re-storied furniture and post to the “writing” page of  your WordPress site.

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