Community Connections

Community Connections assignment:

Note: This applies to Honors, 3D Expression & Portfolio Students

It is very important for you to expand your awareness of the world around you. The Community Connections project will assist you in building or maintaining a wider perspective of our artistic environment. It will also assist you in learning how to identify “talking points” and then elaborate on them. You are to visit and report on two art exhibits in our community (physical or virtual) during each 9-week period. The visits could be to any of the many museums and/or galleries in the greater Philadelphia area (or beyond). They could also be to any of the more local galleries found in our immediate community. The various newspapers in our area have art sections that list “happenings” and the First Friday events of each month are very rich with activities. You may also “visit” gallery and museum sites on the internet.

The format for your reports will be based on the following: Community Connection number (each semester will have 6), the artist’s name (or group show theme/title), location of the exhibit (include the URL if it is a site on the internet),  and due date should be in the upper left corner of your post.  You will list several “bullet” points that stand out to you about the artists and their work. The “bullet” points are simply observations and do not need to be complete sentences. Keep them brief. Use your “bullet” points to help you write a couple of paragraphs about your reaction to the artist reviewed. You should go beyond simply stating whether you like the work or not. Make some observations relative to the work. Try to find the Artist Statement at the show and respond to it if possible. Your response can be based on any aspect of critical analysis (formal, contextual and intuitive). The review should be longer than the “bullet” points. You are expected to have a minimum of ten lines. You may want to submit your review to the school, or local newspaper (without the “bullet” points) for possible publication. Remember: This review is about a group or collection of work NOT one individual piece. If you want to talk about an individual piece you are to place in the context of the group.

Format Requirements:

Community Connection # (1, 2, 3, 4)

Artist Name or Group Show Name:


Due Date:

Bullet list of things that you found remarkable:


* artist frequently used text as design element
* social commentary
* heavy texture
* relies heavily on bricolage
* artist statement describes ‘disassembling and reassmbling’

Body of paper should expand on the “thought bites” described in your bullet list.

Remember that these assignments total 20% of your final grade.