Sketchbook Assignment

Note: This applies to Honors, Portfolio & AP Studio students

  • 6 pieces (1 piece = both sides of binding)
  • mixed media
  • text as a design element
  • thematically connected 

 You will be required to maintain a sketchbook throughout your Honors, Portfolio and AP Studio art experience. It will be much more than a collection of doodles. Your sketchbook counts for 20% of your overall grade and will be a substantial work of art in its’ own right. You may find that it will yield inspiration for other works or you may find that it contains work worthy of photographing for your slide portfolio. The size should be no smaller than 9” X 12”. The optimum size is 11” X 14”. You will find that your sketchbook will take a lot of beating so purchase a sturdy one. If you cannot purchase one please see me for assistance.

Every student in Honors Art, Portfolio Art and AP Studio is expected to complete this sketchbook assignment. Your progress will be assessed at various times throughout the marking period. Be reminded of the fact that Sketchbooks are 20% of your marking period grade. This is a homework assignment and you are expected to be experimental and content oriented.

Your assignment is to create 6 pieces per marking period. Each piece will use space on both sides of the binding. Your compositions must utilize the available space. Do not look at the left side as the back of another page. Each piece is to incorporate mixed media and text as a design element. The six are to be thematically related some way. Your pieces can use whatever media you choose. You may skip a page between compositions if you choose. Be careful not to close your book if the work is still wet with paint or glue, etc.

Remember I will check your progress periodically in addition to conducting a review at the end of the marking period. Make statements and take risks. Play and have fun!!