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My Pet Personified

Personification and hybridization have been popular themes throughout the history of storytelling. Minotaurs, centaurs, satyrs, mermaids, chimeras, sirens, sphinxes, Pegasuses etc. have contributed to many tales, epic and otherwise. Pets, on the other hand, have probably accompanied humans since the beginning of time. I have often imagined human qualities for pets I have lived with throughout my life. A partial list of hybrid creatures in mythology can be found here.

In literature we have the word portmanteau, which in addition to being a traveling case for clothes and belongings is a device for blending two concepts such as breakfast and lunch (brunch) or education and entertainment (edutainment). More examples of portmanteau in art and entertainment may be found at Literary Devices: Definition and Examples of Literary Terms.

Prompt: Please post a response at the top of the WRITING page of your WordPress site addressing the following question: What human characteristics and/or powers would you imagine your pet having and what worldly or other worldly environment would they inhabit? What is it about your pet that influences your response? Due: Tuesday, March 17, 2015.

Artifact: Create a creature that is a hybrid of your pet and a human being. Place your creature in its preferred habitat. This should be no smaller than 18” x 24” and should include color. Strive for a dynamic composition and AVOID PLOPPING YOUR CREATURE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SPACE AT ALL COSTS!

Honors Art Due Date Update

Due to the 2 snow days and musical your due dates have been changed to Wednesday, March 11, 2015.

Youth Art Month

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Chill, Zen, Funk & Twang

I have had the honor & pleasure of curating a show on a web-based gallery called Curating Contemporary. I have 30 artists from the United States and Europe that were kind enough to participate. The web master, artist Brian Edmonds, told me on the “opening” day, within hours, the exhibit had well over 300 visitors from 30 some states and 20 countries. I was very surprised and pleased. I want to share this with students because you all now have WordPress sites with your work that can be viewed by people from all over the world. This provides an insightful perspective on the value of your efforts. Note: you might have to view this from outside school because, as with many sites I try to share with you, it could be blocked by the Barracuda filter.

Navigating the changes to WordPress

WordPress might appear different when you try to update your sites. I realize it can be frustrating and confusing. We want to continue using the Classic mode so I will tell you how to get to it. If you are new to the class you will need help with submitting your assignments.

Log In and select MY SITES (upper left corner). You should see WP Admin which should take you to the Classic view with the dashboard on the left. Go to PAGES & select ALL PAGES. Go to the page you need to work on and do your work.

For your Prompt question response you should select the Writing page (When you do your Community Connections you will select that page). You should select the prompt question from my site, paste it to your page, type the due date (2.6.15) and type your response. To make this a little easier I’ll paste the prompt question here for you also.

Prompt question: What toys were you attracted to as a child and why do you think they appealed to you? What was your favorite toy and why? How did you typically play with your toys? In what ways did playing with your toys impact your development as a person?

If you get lost and need to return to the classic dashboard you can go to MY SITES (upper left corner) – Switch Site – your site name – WP ADMIN and this should get you back to your dashboard.

If you have difficulty with these instruction please write the problem exactly as you encountered it and we will work it out.