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National Portfolio Day, Philadelphia

Cat, Katie & Margo visiting the National Portfolio Day in Philadelphia.


Dia de los Muertos – Day of the Dead

As most of you know November 1st and 2nd are the dates for Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). The Smithsonian has a nice informative and interactive site to check out. The Meaning of the Altar.

Here is another cool link to Museo Dolores Olmedo from Google Arts and Culture.

Donna I.

Donna I.

Recontexualized Object

Essential Questions:

  • How does communication occur?
  • What is the relationship between content and context?
  • What is meant by “creative process” ?
  • How might the artist inform the creative process and how might the creative process inform the artist?

Performance Tasks:

  • Use additive and subtractive marking making techniques to create a series of timed observational drawings of an object of choice (brought from home).
  • Identify and delineate interesting visual relationships in drawing series.
  • Extract delineations with scissors.
  • Create two 24” x 36” collages using extracted delineations.
  • Create two 24” x 36” drawings from the collages & incorporate text as a design element.
  • Revisit the collages and embellish at will.
  • Create/construct something from left over scraps remaining from original timed studies.
  • Participate in discussion in which the original questions are revisited. Consider the significance of the overall experience and its relationship to the world around you.

WELCOME to the 2016-2017 school year!

It’s going to be WAY FUN!

Under the COURSES tab at the top of this site you will find a link to course syllabi.

Dani Art Show

Awesome Squiggles

Awesome Squiggles: Honors Art and Portfolio Art students shared work with art students at Austin-East High School for the Arts in Knoxville, Tennessee, through a Skype visit. Students on both ends participated in a global art challenge project where students create original art based on 4 squiggly lines and then share with others around the world.

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