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Sketchbook List

I have been meaning to post this list of artists students came up with for the research portion of our 1st marking period sketchbook. Each student came up with 3 artists or movements and shared with the class. This is a rich and broad list and the best part is that it is student generated. Bravo!

Rich McCor
Gregory Thielker
Lucas Leviten
Islamac Art
Bruce Nauman
Gustave Klimt
Zio Ziegler
Grace Yeh
Ben Giles
Edouard Manet
Peter Perlegas
Claude Monet
Gerhard Richter
Genieve Figgis
Max Ernst
Stephen Wiltshire
Piero Manrique
Warren Keating
Seth Couture
Anne Russinof
Aslyn Browning
Wayne Thiebaud
Norman Rockwell
Margaret Keane
Tracy Emin
Lin Siang Ching
Mary Gutfleischi
Chet Zar
Derek Weisburg
Ansel Adams
Cy Twombley
Charles Allen Gilbert
Jo Bemis
David Choe
Brendon Monroe
Elise Ansel
Julia Schwartz
Max Ernst
Emily Carr
Kristina Webb
Tim Burton
Salvadore Dali
Vincent Van Gogh
Abstract Expressionism
Andy Warhol
Marcel Duchamp
Alex Pardee
Kyle Bean
Jenny Holzer
Ishibashi Yui
Jesus Leguizamo
Lilach Lotan
Ken Sugimori
Street Painting
Redd Walitzki
Edward Hopper
Peter Carl Faberge
Liz Climo
Johanna Basford
Wen Fuliang
Jackson Pollock
Hannah Altman
Richard Taransky
Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri
Frida Kahlo
Keith Haring
Henrietta Harris
Nick Mackman
Pablo Picasso
Wang Luyan
Jennifer Lee
Pili Wu
Jennifer McCordy
Pop Art
Digital Art
Ricky Swallow
Harmony Krine
Israel Lund
Karen Hull
Lisa Rodden
Chip Foose
Brian Hopkins
Alysha Peltz
Kyle Bauer
Agnes Cecile
Alex Grey
Dark Romanticism
George Barbier
Hiro Mashima
Bernard Villmot
Cynthia Back
Cathleen Cohen
Brian Madonna
Sarah Beetson
Lucia Emanuela Curzi
Paul Holland
Roy Lichtenstein
David Hockney
Ingrid Calame
Mr. Brainwash

Important due date info for all

HONORS: Structures are to to be photographed, edited and posted in a gallery to the Art Work page on your WordPress sites by Friday, November 6.

3D Expression: Structures are to be photographed and saved to your laptop by Monday, November 9. You will learn to edit them in Photoshop and how to post them in a gallery on your WordPress sites.


  • Sketchbooks photographed, edited and posted to WordPress sites by Friday, November 6.
  • PORTFOLIO DAY is Sunday, November 8. You are required to attend even if you aren’t showing work or planning to attend an art college. (this was in the Course of Studies book when you signed up for the class, it is in the syllabus and I have repeatedly referred to it.)
  • Portfolio Day Reflection (250 words) is due Friday, November 13. Submit this as a POST (not on a page) on your WordPress sites.
  • Project Proposal is due Thursday, November 5 (even if it is a continuation.)
  • Progress Report #3 is due Friday, November 13.

Thursday randomness

Art College visitation schedule so far

There is a tab at the top of my site with the college visitation schedule so far. This will be updated as needed.

The tab is called Art College Visits.


Attention All Students: Adobe Creative Suite

Due Friday, 10.16.15

You are required to download the Adobe Creative Suite to your school-issued laptops. Go to the Start menu and then to Download Center. You should see it there. Check the box and download it.

This must be done while connected to the school network and you must use your power cord. If it does not complete the download during class time you can plug your machine back in later in a different location within the school and it will resume.

You must have Adobe Photoshop on your laptop to edit and process your artwork as you archive it for your WordPress sites.

This is not negotiable.