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Cardboard Community: Our Neighborhood and Beyond

Now we are definitely “back to school”. As we approach our first full week of school (following holidays and the Pope’s visit) I will post a status check. While Portfolio students are pursuing their first independent study, Honors and 3D Expression students have been sharing an investigation.

I introduced our topic with prompt questions and a PowerPoint presentation. The PowerPoint shared examples of work by Ken Kewley and Kiel Johnson. The prompt questions I posed included: What differentiates public buildings from private? What are examples of buildings considered to be public institutions? How might public institutions be considered businesses? What is the difference between a house and a home? How might house styles influence life styles? What are building codes and what is their purpose?

I assigned each student to use corrugated cardboard and hot glue to construct 1 public institution, 3 businesses and 5 houses no taller than 18 inches.

We will then embellish our structures with acrylic paint and collaborate to design a community of the constructed buildings. After that we will post a 250 word reflection on the Writing page of our individual WordPress sites. We will eventually photograph our work and post the images on the Art Work page of our WordPress sites.

Kiel Johnson

Kiel Johnson

Ken Kewley

Ken Kewley

Summer News Feed, 2015

Even though our summer felt very short in terms of time it appears that world events were in overdrive. Events were happening so rapidly it was hard to keep up and many events were so catastrophic one might wonder if the world was spinning out of control. In class we brainstormed and created a quick list. We discovered that some topics were consistently at the top of the list and some topics generated sub sets. We discovered we could create categories beyond global, national, local, personal, etc. We also wondered what to believe and how to determine fact.

Our lists from the summer of 2014 included:

  • Isis
  • Ebola
  • 9 year old at shooting range with Uzi
  • Hamas vs. Israel
  • Ukraine vs. Russia
  • Ferguson, MO, Michael Brown
  • NYC choking death, Eric Garner
  • Arming police with military weapons
  • Obama’s khaki suit
  • Teenage car crash deaths at local high school on day before school with car driven by 15 year old
  • Robin Willams’ death
  • LeBron James goes to Cleveland
  • VA Hospital scandal
  • Immigration
  • Joan Rivers’ death
  • Miley Cyrus’ date at MTV Video Music Awards wanted by police
  • ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I also introduced you to a presentation format called Pecha Kucha (a presentation of 20 slides timed at 20 seconds each) and explained your assignment.

Your Assignment

Use the Pecha Kucha format to create a 12 slide presentation about the “summer news feed” of 2015. Your first and last slide should introduce and close your presentation. I do not want you to read anything so be familiar with your content. Don’t look at this as a formal presentation like you might have in another class, but as a work of performative art with content. Rather than working on a piece of paper or canvas you are working with a presentation format.

Welcome to the Fall 2015 semester

I am beyond excited to begin this school year! I hope everyone had a righteous summer break and is ready to get down with their bad art selves!

I am stoked to be teaching the 3D Expression/Sculpture classes this year (in addition to Honors Art & Portfolio Art) and eagerly anticipate the wonderful student work to be created in the months ahead.

Van Gogh in Ambler

Van Gogh in Ambler

A view of a high-quality replica of Vincent Van Gogh’s, Sunflowers in front of Forest & Main Restaurant. This is made possible by Ambler Main Street and the Philadelphia Museum of Fine Art’s Inside Out program.

Final Due Date, 6.11.15

Do not forget that Thursday, June 11, 2015, is the due date for your Sketchbooks and your completed WordPress sites. Your final 6 Sketchbook entrees are expected to be on your WordPress sites. Remember that your completed website will serve as your Final Exam grade.

Bushwick Open Studios

This weekend is the BIG weekend in Bushwick (Brooklyn, NY)! Many open studios, art openings, street activities and general art life to be experienced.

You can find out more information by going to the Arts in Bushwick site.