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My absence Jan. 28 and 29

  • Portfolio Students should post their project proposal to the project proposal page of their WordPress sites. Due date is Wednesday, 1.27.16. They are to be working according to their proposal. The sketchbook theme for the marking period (and for Honors) is “Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle”. The research portion remains the same.
  • Honors Students were instructed to bring a liter-size plastic beverage bottle to class. They are to use masking tape, newspaper and paint to construct a “Bottletar” that represents them in some way (not a likeness). They should write their name on it and store them on the counter behind my desk, as they won’t fit in their drawers. They can refer to a list in my website from the first day of class that has links to various cultural examples of this. The sketchbook theme for the marking period is “Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle”. The research portion remains the same.
  • Note:The session beginning at 12:35 wanted to share sketchbooks from last marking period & said they would have the today (Thursday). They are experienced enough to do that without me.
  • 3D Expression Students are to be given a small brown sketchbook (on my desk). They are to print their name on the inside cover. They are to begin a series of 5 pieces that address the concepts of form and shape (however they choose). One piece consists of the space on both sides of the binding. If there is confusion ask Zach or Dani. (or call me).

Friday will be a continuation of Thursday’s activities.

Welcome to Spring semester 2016

What a way to begin the new semester. I hope everybody managed to stay warm and dig out safely during the blizzard.

If you are a student new to my classes you will need to explore my website: Under the tab titled Courses you should familiarize yourself with the syllabi for the course are enrolled in. You should read about Community Connections and Sketchbook under the Assignments tab (note: 3D expression sketchbooks are different) . New students will need to build a WordPress site (don’t panic, I will help you). You can see other student WordPress sites under the tab titled Student Sites.

Portfolio Art students: Your first Project Proposal of the marking period is due Wednesday, January 27, 2016. Be sure to include and follow the format described on this site.

Honors Art students: bring a plastic beverage bottle to our next class. Liter size is best.

Totems (for discussion)


Kachina dolls

Corn Husk dolls

Worry dolls

Voodoo dolls




3D Expression students:

Monumental Community Connections. Please go to this link to look at the slide show and to listen to the podcasts in the right hand sidebar. There are 4 episodes that address our Wissahickon Community history. The podcasts can also be found at this link on SoundCloud.

AP Studio Art

Most of my students are aware that we will offer AP Studio Art next year. It will be for a very select group of hardworking students. I have spoken personally to most of the students who will be admitted to the course. I encourage individuals and their parents to become familiar with the expectations from the College Board regarding Advanced Placement Studio Art. It is easy to find them on Google. I suggest going to this link. You will find very good explanations regarding Depth, Breadth and Quality. You will see examples of student work and how it was assessed for scores.

Message from WHS technology office

Hello all,

Just a few reminders from your friends in the technology department.  Students are able to put in work order requests.  They can find the link directly off the SharePoint homepage.  Please encourage them to put in work orders before coming down to the tech office for an issue.  If there is not a work order in when they arrive at the tech office they will be required to enter one while with us extending the amount of time they are out of class.  Also on the same note talking about students, please again encourage them to open Microsoft Outlook and load their district email onto the machine.  Checking their school email is important for updates and information about their computers as well as progress on repairs.  Their email address is their

All users should be saving all their documents in their documents folder.  Many students come to the tech office with files on their desktop.  We try to remind students that these files will not be backed up and would be lost in certain instances of hardware failure.  Restarting is another often easy fix but always overlooked solution to many computer issues.  Please remember that everyone should be restarting their computers every day and students should be bringing machines in fully charged.


End of semester CRUNCH TIME

As I cautioned at the beginning of the school year the period of time between the winter break and the end of the semester can be brutal in terms of due dates (especially if you have fallen behind). Keystone testing and mid terms will be the focus of many students.

It is very important that you meet the following due dates.

Thursday, Jan. 7: Progress Report #5 (Portfolio students)

Tuesday, Jan. 12: Community Connection #4 (all students)

Tuesday, Jan. 12: Sketchbooks and Altered Book (3D Expression)

Wednesday, Jan. 13: Sketchbooks (Honors Art & Portfolio students)

Tuesday, Jan. 19: Self Assessment (Portfolio students)