This applies to Portfolio students only.

Project Proposals

Always post the most recent Project Proposal at the top of the Project Proposals page.

These are to be submitted to the instructor for approval as students plan their studio explorations. The proposal should address time frames of approximately 2 to 3 weeks. They are to be revised as needed. When the student revises a proposal they are to include the fact that it is a revised proposal. Never delete a previous proposal even if you’ve changed it completely. Proposal changes must be approved by the instructor. When the student completes the proposed work they are to submit a new proposal for the next body of work. Note you will post a progress report every two weeks.

The proposal will help the students learn to plan their creative endeavors, material needs and to be accountable for their time. The proposal will also be used by the instructor for assessment. The proposal is to be word-processed.

Proposal Format:

Student name:
Due Date:

  1. Project Description: (include nature of object(s), subject matter, quantity & sizes
  2. Purpose/Objective:
  3. Materials:
  4. Time line (include completion date):

Progress Reports

Always post the most recent Progress Report at the top of the page.

You will post a report related to your Project Proposal approximately every two weeks. This post will address the status of your progress and self-reflection regarding challenges and accomplishments.

Progress Report Format:

Progress Report.(number)

Due Date:

  1. What have you been doing and how does it relate to your Project Proposal?
  2. What have you learned? What challenges have you faced?
  3. What is your next step?


Always post the most recent Self-Assessment at the top of the page.

Heading Format:

Marking Period (Fall 2010, Marking Period#)

Due Date:

It is very important for students to holistically reflect on their learning, discovery and performance. You will post approximately 250 words rationalizing the grade you expect to receive for the marking period. By holistic I refer to your overall participation, performance,  punctuality, personal learning and self-discovery.

I suggest you type this in Word then copy and paste into your post. Always be sure to include the date of your post.