Information Distribution Systems

Information Distribution System investigation. Our goal is to develop a sensitivity to the many ways information is distributed to us as we grow and learn. A sophisticated literacy is required to read, filter and process the information we are inundated with on a daily basis. In our current times with social media and “fake news” this literacy is more relevant than ever.

You will respond to 3 of 4 types of information distribution systems. Each choice will include a written response to the prompt question, an artifact and a written reflection.

  • Prompt questions will be answered on your Writing Page BEFORE you begin each artifact.
  • Project Proposals may be in the form of a bullet list and will be placed on the Writing Page BEFORE you begin work on the artifacts. The proposal format will consist of bullet points addressing the following 3 aspects: 1. Project description (include nature of object(s), quantity and approximate sizes). 2. Purpose/objective, and 3. Materials.
  • Artifacts can take any form and utilize materials of your choice. You will complete 3 artifacts total.
  • Written Reflections will be answered on your Writing Page AFTER you complete each artifact. The reflection should address two questions: 1. How similar is the artifact to the proposal or artist’s initial vision? and 2. What is the relationship between the artifact and the prompt response?

Pick 3 of the 4

  • Information Distribution Systems: Education
  • Prompt: How have information distribution systems varied from class to class and from teacher to teacher in your school experience? From which have you benefited most and least?
  • Information Distribution Systems: Political Ideology
  • Prompt: How can inanimate objects be used to promote political ideology? Describe at least two historical antecedents or current examples..
  • Information Distribution Systems: Family Values
  • Prompt: What kind of information is valued within your family structure and how is it distributed?
  • Information Distribution Systems: Religion
  • Prompt: What role do relics, shrines and ceremonies play in religious information distribution systems?

Due Dates

  • Prompt question 1: Wednesday, 9.6.17
  • Proposal 1: Friday, 9.8.17
  • Artifact 1: Tuesday, 9.26.17
  • Reflection 1: Tuesday, 9.26.17
  • Prompt question 2: Wednesday, 9.27.17
  • Proposal 2: Wednesday, 9.27.17
  • Artifact 2: Monday, 10.16.17
  • Reflection 2: Monday, 10.16.17
  • Prompt 3: Tuesday, 10.17.17
  • Proposal 3: Tuesday, 10.17.17
  • Artifact 3: Thursday, 11.9.17
  • Reflection 3: Thursday, 11.9.17


I hope you had a restful summer!

Here’s to an exciting and productive 2017 – 2018 school year!

AP Art Survivors

Congrats to Dani, Margo & Cat for surviving AP Art this year!

Art Show 2017 info

Note: this info is also on a drop down tab above and on Schoology.

Exhibition Proposal due Monday, 5.15.17. Must include:

  • Inventory list
  • Approximate sizes
  • Mode of presentation


  • Sat., 5/20: Set-up begins in the high school square gym.
  • Sun., 5/21: Set-up continues in the gym.
  • Mon., 5/22: Set-up is finalized, works are labeled, installations are straightened and cleaned of debris.
  • Wed., 5/24: Show opens to the public 6:30 to 9:00pm.
  • Thu., 5/25: Closing night – 6:30 to 9 pm. Note: you may begin to take your work home at 9:00pm. I encourage you to do so if possible.
  • Fri., 5/26: Work must be removed from the gym as soon as possible and all work and materials must be removed from the premises by the end of the day. No exceptions. Plan ahead.

Collective Identity (Who are we) paper describing our identity/aesthetic as a group (Honors and Portfolio as one group). Due Tuesday, May 30.

Community Connection.8(4), District Art Show: Your final Community Connection of the year is to focus on some aspect of the WSD Art Show. Due Friday, June 2.

Self-Assessment: For Portfolio Art students. Due Friday, June 2.

Final Sketchbook: For Honors & Portfolio Art students. Due Friday, June 2.

WordPress sites: Due Monday, June 5.

Remember: During the school day (this week) you only have permission to go to the gym for the art show. Do not spoil our big week by becoming a discipline problem.

Note: The art show is your semester final. Below is the rubric for your evaluation.

Art Show Rubric

Art Show Rubric

Materiality Wheel

Materiality wheel