Monuments to the Community

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The 3D Expressions class created Monuments to actual or imagined people or events celebrating local history of our Wissahickon community.

Awesome Squiggles

Awesome Squiggles: Honors Art and Portfolio Art students shared work with art students at Austin-East High School for the Arts in Knoxville, Tennessee, through a Skype visit. Students on both ends participated in a global art challenge project where students create original art based on 4 squiggly lines and then share with others around the world.

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These structures loosely represent something about each student. They are currently being used in a 36″ square, one-frame comic titled Bottletar and the Heroic. That will be followed by a prequel & sequel in the format of Abstract Comics. The results will form a triptych. Process, sequence, linear, non-linear narrative/story telling, construction and painting come into Play (play with a capitol P).

Important Due Dates, MP3

3D Expressions:

  • Fri., 3/4: Sketchbook #1
  • Thu., 3/10: Monumental Community Connections writing response (post to WRITING page)
  • Thu., Community Connection #2
  • Fri., 3/11: Photoshop installed on laptop (Remember this must be done in school and will require your power cord)
  • Tue., 3/15: Artist Statement (posted to ARTIST STATEMENT page)
  • Mon., 3/28: Sketchbook #2 AND Sketchbook #1 archived to site (scanned, edited in Photoshop and posted to WordPress site)

Honors & Portfolio:

  • Thu., 3/10: Community Connection #6(2)
  • Wed., 3/16: Progress Report #8(3) (Portfolio)
  • Mar., 21 – 25: Spring Vacation
  • Mon., 3/28: Sketchbooks and Self Assessments(Portfolio)
  • Fri., 4/1: End of Marking Period

Silent Beats

Princess Grace Award winning short film about first impressions and assumptions.

Written/Directed by Jon M. Chu
Edited/Cinematography by Chris Browne
Starring: Antoine Grant