Welcome to Fall 2018

Excerpts from our past art show in May, 2018.

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Art Show 2018

This is the 31st year for our annual Art Show!

Congratulations Lindsey!

Congratulations Lindsey for receiving a full scholarship to The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, PA! Reppin’ Yo!!!

Collage Challenge 1

You are to create 4 collage/mash-up pieces of work using 4 different images provided by the instructor. The images provided are to be a “jumping off” point and  will work in concert with images from your pre-collected image bank. DUE: 2.20.18

  • You will have 4 separate final pieces.
  • Portions of each image provided by the instructor may not be used in the other pieces.
  • Pieces from your pre-collected image bank will be used to complete your pieces.
    • Create your compositions on a piece of white drawing paper, but do not glue them yet.
    • When you have determined your composition photograph it for reference.
    • See the instructor for a heavier substrate to glue your fragments to.
    • Glue and complete.
    • No drawn or painted elements are to be included.


Reference: COLLAGE: Contemporary artists hunt and gather, cut and paste, mash up and transform. 2014. Krysa, D.

Wissahickon’s Most and Least Wanted Paintings

We recently looked at the work of dissident Russian artists Vitaly Komar and Alex Melamid. As you know they used formal market research to collect data about what people would most like and least like to see in a painting. Their research results can be viewed here. They then created a series of paintings from the survey results from multiple countries. Those paintings can be viewed here.

  • I asked you to create survey questions as well, which you did as a group.
  • You are to select 10 questions and survey 5 students and 5 adults from Wissahickon High School. These people must not be from our art department. Due Thursday, February 8NOTE: Put your questions and responses on the writing page (above the vocabulary list) of your WordPress sites.
  • You are to compile the data from your survey and create to 24″ x 30″ paintings on canvas. One will represent Wissahickon’s Most Wanted Painting and one will represent Wissahickon’s Least Wanted Painting.
  • Prior to creating the paintings you will complete 2 (18″ x 24″) working drawings with compositional layouts and notes for planning. Due Tuesday, February 13.
  • Once you obtain the instrctor’s approval for your drawings you may begin the final paintings. Note: your final paintings may include collage elements. Due date to be announced.